We’re always on the look out for artists and writers to interview. Know someone who makes good conversation? We are interested in artists across the spectra of genre, gender, and spirituality. For more specific information, check out our call to artists here.

Our writers and artists make work that wrestles with questions like these….

How do art and religion overlap in your life and work?

How is the experience of making art connected with sacredness?

What are your artistic responsibilities–to art, to faith, to God, to other people?

Is what you make heretical? Do you want it to be?

What is a soul? What does art do in relation to it?

How have encounters with death/mortality changed your work?

What is the nature of God?  How do you see its relationship to art? How do you depict it?

What is the history of art in your spiritual tradition, and how you encounter it in your work?

As an artist, what is valuable/not valuable about religious affiliation?

What does it mean to be religious outside of a tradition?

What is the difference between faith and belief?

What is prayer? How is it similar and different than art making?

What does it mean to be human?  To be an artist?

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Image: performance artist Pepper Pepper